About Ginger Vieira

I’ve lived with type 1 diabetes and celiac disease since 1999. As a certified cognitive coach, personal trainer and record-setting powerlifter, I work with people across the globe in wellness and diabetes. Also the author of “Your Diabetes Science Experiment,” I have a B.S. in Professional Writing from Champlain College, and produce freelance content for publications and communities such as Diabetes Daily, Insulin Nation, Seven Daysand Diabetes Forecast. For more interviews and articles, visit my press page.

My training in cognitive coaching is based on the science of the brain, how we form habits, and the conversational process that helps us create new habits. Today, I’m an active member of the Diabetes Advocates, and I’m known in the Diabetes Online Community for my various work as health coach, video blogger, and author:

Awards, Events & Achievements


May 2009 - World Powerlifting Association – Best Female Lifter & 7 world records - Junior and Women’s Open: 170 lb. bench press, 300 lb. deadlift, 265 lb. squat

July 2009 & July 2010 - Vermont State Bench Press Competition – Best Female Lifter: 185 lb. bench press / 190 lb. bench press

November 2009 - %100 Raw Federation – Best Female Lifter & 7 records –  Junior and Women’s Open: 165 lb. bench press, 300 lb. deadlift, 250 lb. squat

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