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In life with diabetes, we are constantly being told what we should or shouldn’t be eating. Inevitably, this can lead to a tremendous amount of guilt and confusion in our life around food. Over-treating low blood sugars, rebelling against the “rules” of how we’re expected to eat, and constantly struggling with crash-dieting–these are all common habits in people with diabetes. This book is an easy-to-read guide to untwisting your current thoughts and habits around food and creating a positive relationship with food. 


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About Ginger Vieira

I’ve lived with type 1 diabetes and celiac disease since 1999. As a certified cognitive coach, personal trainer and record-setting powerlifter, I work with people across the globe in wellness and diabetes. Also the author of “Your Diabetes Science Experiment,” I have a B.S. in Professional Writing from Champlain College, and produce freelance content for publications and communities such as Diabetes Daily, Insulin Nation, Seven Daysand Diabetes Forecast. For more interviews and articles, visit my press page.

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Diabetes Coaching

I work with clients across the globe at Living in Progress Wellness & Diabetes Coaching. In coaching, my clients work towards their goals in weight loss, overcoming emotional eating, balancing blood sugar around exercise, making exercise a bigger priority, building healthier eating habits, embracing life with diabetes and thus, increasing overall confidence.  (more…)

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